Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogging Again

                              Breaks over, anybody still out here?

 We had a great break, did a few new things, enjoying cooler weather, and hanging outside a lot more. We did have to send Chris back to the Army though, and that was REALLY hard. Now he is off to Afghanistan, sigh.................but,
  we had such a great visit to hold us till he gets back.

He made a comment that he missed not having a dog in the Army, so the dogs hung all over him, you know to hold him over till he gets back.

 We are so happy to be back, and were looking forward to catching up with everyone to see what you've all been up to.
                                     We are Good Dogs


  1. So glad you are back!!! And my MOM just melted at that last photo.

  2. Welcome back! I agree - the weather has been great and is only going to improve from now on! (Until next summer of course.)

    I hope he sucked up as much dogginess as he could! Love the photo of them sleeping together! :)

  3. We will remember him in our prayers! We love that you guys sent him off covered in smoochies!!!
    Play bows,