Tuesday, September 4, 2012


                                               Can you see it?

 It's there in the window sill. Yep it a bird, it comes all the time. Now you'd think with 5 barking dogs it would not want anything to do with our window sill, but you'd be wrong. He likes us for some reason.

Can we keep him
Get in my mouth birdie
Crazy bird even turns and looks at them
Come on in little birdie
It makes them all bark like crazy 
Even Lucy barks  from the kitchen

 Of course some of you may know Jake knows what these taste like, so he thinks if he scratches at the window he will get it. Nope the bird just stays in the window sill like there is nothing going on in the house behind it,even though I'm sure the neighbors can hear the dogs barking a block away. The 5 crazy barking dogs can't get it to leave, so you know how I get it to leave? I have to go out front a shoo it away. Crazy bird, I can hardly wait for it to come back.
                                                Good Dogs?


  1. Bawhahha. Brave bird. You know what I think? I think you should leave the window open and see how brave the bird it. Make sure you video that.

  2. I wonder if the bird is hearing challenged - gosh! All that racket and it just stays there - that's pretty amazing!

    I love that Lucy barks from the kitchen. I wonder what they are all saying to that birdie?!

  3. Yeah - what Blueberry said. Maybe the birdie can't hear! Or maybe he thinks he's a Lab!

  4. We have a robin that will sit on the lawn mower handles when Mum leaves it to empty the grass box! Deccy x

  5. Hehehe we think that's funny. We have a little birdie that sits on the side mirror or our cars and poos on them, ewwwww. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory