Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Austin Dogs

 Austin is very dog friendly, I think we saw a dog every where we went. We went and checked out Barton Springs  a natural water spring in the ground. Of course you couldn't have dogs inside the life guarded area but on the other side of the fence, lots of people with their dogs it was awesome.

This is just one side of it
These 3 had just finished swimming

While we were on the duck tour we saw these dogs in charge of the pontoon boat, while the people were on the boat, they were tied together.
They were anchored the dogs were safe

                           We stopped to get the dogs some treats here

Boy did they ever have treats for dogs

                  We went for Ice Cream and ran into these beauty's

There was another just like this one at their table
She was so cute
It's no wonder Guy likes it in Austin as much as Tom & Victoria

                                             He's a Good Boy


  1. Holy dog that bakery looks fantastic!!

  2. I need to head south and hit that bakery!!!! Wooooo!

  3. Howdy All, wowza we love that it is so dog friendly there. Mum was even drooling at the dog bakery hehehe. Glad you had a great time. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory