Friday, June 1, 2012

A Run Part 4

                           If you want you can read Part1Part 2Part 3

They went on to finish their run, I beat them home as I was driving and caught up with them again

Almost home
 Pete always unleashes them outside the gate
Hurry up let us in
 That's more like it
  This is the  chicken wire fence around the pond, Jake's favorite place to run his face up against, after the gentle leader comes off.  After they got home, guess what happened next?         SWIMMING

 I should mention that Lucy is not in any of these pictures because she got her walk before the run and was already having a much needed nap, she does not care for the water so much any more. And I'm sorry to say that we think Abby has never been exposed to swimming as she seems to be very unsure of it. Maybe we will try her by herself to see if she can swim.

She did get a drink from it though

Jake likes to make splashes then try to eat the water, it's funny
Good Dogs

Betty just likes to swim
And Elvis likes to jump in
All done
More face rubbing

                            Too be continued.......... we are gonna finally finish this crazy post on Tuesday. As we have a special blog for Monday it's for our friend Corbin's birthday. It's Blogville Pitty Post Day.. Please come back and check it out.
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  1. Wow a pool! You guys are so lucky. I'm not sure if I can swim; never had the chance! Deccy x

  2. That pool looks so fun! Thanks for spreading the word about the Pitty post day.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. OK the pool does look fun, but like Abby I am unsure of water. OK maybe a little afraid. When I was a wee little pup the mean people that had me before my MOM took me to a bridge and threw me over into a river. That was scary. But you know what my buddy Bert has helped me see that water can be fun. It's still not my favorite thing to do, but I like to get wet up to my belly now. Looking forward to the end of the run story.

  4. Oh, a pool! How fun! I love the water and have my lake, but I have to get a bit healtier before I can go up there this year! Thanks SO much for helping to get the word out about Pitty Post Day! I'm so excited for it!

  5. Oh that pool looked wonderful after your run. Good dogs. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory