Thursday, June 28, 2012


 Elvis likes to take all the recycling out of the bucket, so he can lick the bottom of it. It's something his dad has let  him  do in the mornings and now he thinks he can do it when ever.

Elvis sneaks the milk jug out
Jake wants it
Elvis is teasing Jake with it
Jake is so smart
 Jake really wanted it, but Elvis was not going to let him have it. Jake knows how to distract Elvis, he does this often. It's really funny. He goes to the window and barks, works every time. Elvis has to check out what Jake is barking at, so he leaves the milk jug in the middle of the floor.

Hahha  Jake got it
Not for long, Elvis  took it back
                                          They are Good Boys


  1. BOL!!! BAwhahahha. That is GREAT! Jake you are one smart pup. I think I will giggle about that all day long.

  2. That's too funny! Jake is very smart!

  3. LOL I love it. Jakes cracks me up - so smart!!!