Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 While our company was here, we spent a lot of time away from the house. Most of you know Elvis does not like that and tends to let us know by wetting all over the house. So it was very hard, but I left the back door open for them. They did just fine the first week and most of the second week, but then Pete wasn't able to run for 3 days. Jake got a little restless.

 When I found Jake sitting up on the table, I should have known, they'd had enough of me being gone all day. I put the bottoms of the bed on the table to wash them, I guess I didn't get that done in time for Jake.

Elvis and Betty were okay with it

We came home on this Tuesday after being gone most of the day, the dogs greeted me with the usual jumps and barking like I 'd been gone forever, Jake and Elvis like to greet with toys in their mouth. Jake ran to the back porch to get his treasure for me.
               Beware the photos below may be graphic

Yes he brought me the turtle, he's a Florida Redbelly Cooter, we call him Cooter, we've had him about ten years now. By the looks of the turtle, Jake had been chewing on him for some time. I felt so bad, the poor turtle. I am happy to say he is just fine and not at all afraid to sun on his rock. I don't think I'll leave the back door open while I'm not home anymore, and I will not let Jake get the turtle again.

                                                  Good Dogs?


  1. Hmm. Jake, you might want to find a different chew toy, buddy!
    Play bows,

  2. Jake looks so majestic up on the table... Reminds me of a very fierce lion watching over his territory. He's a good boy!


  3. Well as long as the turtle is OK that's all that matters. I am sure the dogs are happy you are home.

    Your pal, Pip