Monday, October 24, 2011

Counter Surfing

   I have said before, our Jake counter surfs. And it doesn't have to be the kitchen counter, it can be the coffee table, bathroom sink, night stand, any surface. He will eat ANYTHING and can digest pretty much everything he's found so far, except foil. Last night he got most of the tomatoes for last night's dinner.  Pete thought this might work to keep him from surfing.

   Just kidding, but it was funny, Jake just stood there looking at Pete like Really.
                                          He's a Good Boy

1 comment:

  1. LOL cute - Fred is a theif...he steals stuff from the coffee table or kitchen table and so forth..he carries it out the doggie door to a bed that is outside. He steals placemats, coasters and even a bowl once...silly dogs :)
    Jake looks like a sweet boy!

    I saw your post about the grandkids - I have idential almost 3 yr old twin nephews. whoa they wear me out!