Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Yesterday for the first time since the new baby was born, just about a month ago, the kids and I are bored. Pete reseeded the grass with winter seed and we can't play in the yard. Oh, we are not really bored, just missing "Grandma's Park" as the kids call it. So we've been playing what  Aunt Amy taught them as the triplet train, which is to hold hands, run the circle of the living room through the kitchen, up the steps and back around, as fast and as giggly as they can. Kids and dogs love it. Audy tried to hold Jakes collar and run, but he knocked her down,

Elvis trying to decide if he wants to play

Yes both Elvis & Jake like this game
Hard to hold hands when the dogs are playing
Jake's way of saying sorry for knocking her over , she loved it
                                        What good Dogs they were


  1. Im very impressed with how great the dogs are with the lil ones, you are a very lucky dog mom!

    Haylie is my hyper one when the twins come over, they dont care - they just tell her no and shove her out of the way if she is bothering them.

    The triplets are cuties!

  2. Nothing like a nice slurp in the face to make sure there are no hurt feelings!
    Play bows,