Wednesday, December 19, 2012

His bed

                                         Jake LOVES LOVES his bed.

 He DOES NOT like when you notice him in his bed, or say good night to him, or kiss him good night. When he goes to bed he wants nothing more than to sleep. He grumbles to let you know he does not like any of this. I was able to get a little clip of sound,so you can understand what I'm saying.
                                       This is only sound no video
So imagine our surprise when going to bed the other night we found Abby in Jake's bed. Jake let her stay. so we decided to leave her there knowing she would get up and move on her own ( which she did)
He's a Good Boy
However the next night when we found her there he panicked, he did not want her there, but did not know what to do.

Oh dear, she picked Jake's bed again
Jake is trying to be nice
 Hello some help here
Somebody move her please
Abby move outta my bed
Finally someone to help me
Elvis and Betty don't mind
 Abby has her own bed, but she moves around a lot in the night. We find her all over the bedroom.
                                                     Good Dogs


  1. Jake buddy! One night I can understand. But a dog can only take so much. You are however a good boy indeed.

  2. Poor Jake - what a good boy for not being rude about wanting sweet Abby to move!

  3. Jake - Thumper steals my bed all the time. What's up with that? He's got his own, and it's bigger! I like my bed. I've had it since I was a puppy, and I don't want him in it. He makes it smell funny. I can make him leave it by finding his bone and chewing on it. Does Betty have a favorite thing you could get?


  4. Jake - you really ARE a good boy! I like my own space, so I can totally relate!
    Play bows,

  5. I grumble like that too! Deccy x