Monday, November 19, 2012

Race & Coco

Pete and Amy went to Tucson for a bike race tour de tucson this weekend

Amy and her dad
 It was Amy's biggest road race, 111 miles. Out of 2870 that finished the 111 mile part of the race, Pete came in 2460th and Amy in 2629th place. She worked really hard to be able to race this. Way to go Amy.
 I watched Coco while they were gone. Ofie had to have a cat sitter, I'm sure you can guess why she couldn't come also.Coco was a good girl.

Amy told me Coco does not usually eat treats ( she get cheese with her meds.).......Okay Amy, sure if you say so. By Saturday morning, Coco was the first in line after breakfast to get her treats. I think Amy better take some treat home with her for Coco's new after meal routine. Hehe were teaching her our habits, good and bad.

She may have been first in line , but she is so little they were able to ditch the line easily
                          What Good Dogs they were all weekend


  1. Congrats to Pete and Amy! Sounds like the dogs had lots of fun, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. What a cutie. Sounds like she had a yummy time with you all. Love the last photo. Bawhahhaha

  3. What a good time - a sleepover! Wow - I'm always impressed with people that can do those races! They work so hard - I just don't have the discipline. Good job!

  4. WOWZERS, what a great accomplishment!!! Way to go, Pete and Amy!!!
    Coco, you crack me up! That last photo is a keeper!
    Play bows,