Thursday, August 16, 2012

Line up

 We had one of the water bowls that had a big 3 gallon jug that would just fill the bowl as the dogs drank it. I changed that recently to a weighted 5 liter bowl, so I could control the amount of water the boys were drinking. Some times they start drinking and don't stop till I actually touch them to make them stop. It has helped Elvis us to sleep through the night a little better.

Good Dogs
I have to keep my eye on it to make sure they have water during the day, this is the after dinner watering line.


  1. My dog Shadow used to be like that - I was never sure if she really was that thirsty or if she just loved making a mess while lapping it up!

    Gotta love the water line!

  2. You guys sure are well-mannered! Nice line!
    Play bows,

  3. Ah yes. I can empty a bowl in one session! Deccy x