Friday, November 18, 2011

Remember This

 This is my dog free couch. I said no dogs allowed on this couch. I wanted one piece of furniture  that was dog hair free, yeah right with 4 dogs, I really thought this couch was it, because usually when the dogs are in this room they are sitting in the chair, with Pete.

It started with Elvis

Jake wasn't about to be left out, he always sits where Elvis sits. Except Jake likes to fluff his pillow, by scratching at the seat before he sits. So I had to put something down so he won't scratch a hole it. Putting something down would be okay, if anyone us would pull it up when company comes, there would be no dog hair, but instead some how everyone just sits on top of the cover. Drives me crazy, and it's ugly.  Betty has been taught if there's a cover on it she can get on it, so I couldn't tell her no.

Looks a lot like a dog couch, right
Yes that's me sitting on the floor Jake took my spot
 6 months since Elvis first starting getting on this couch, for all the dogs to over take this couch
                                   Good Dogs?   SPOILED DOGS                    


  1. Woo. I think this is why Zim and I aren't allowed on the furniture at all. Except for the bed.

  2. Hi Everybuddy, we would say Loved Dogs. Mum tries to keep us off the couch as well. So far she's winning. So far. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory