Thursday, November 3, 2011


 Pete's been out of town the last 2 days, so the boys have not run in 2 days. Guess what? When they don't run, they play really rough, and a lot of noise goes with this play. I step in before it gets to out of control.
NO DOG GETS HURT.  The girls won't have nothing to do the boy's when they get like this.

                                                  What Good Boys


  1. Have far and how often do they run with Pete? Do they both go at the same time? just curious :)

  2. He run with all 3 Elvis,Jake,Betty, they run 5 miles everyday,then they all walk Lucy around the block, she likes it when the all go with her. We live in AZ so when it's really hot they run 3 miles and they go really early. here's a blog about it.