Tuesday, November 22, 2011


                              What do you suppose they are up to?
 Funny, it  looks like Elvis is holding a meeting, and they are all listening. Usually when they meet like this, it's around the treat cabinet, not in the living room
                 They are Good Dogs, but I almost think I should be worried.          


  1. Be worried? What the heck! Four dogs couldn't get into much mischief could they? Hehehe. Mum says she forget to tell you but Rory's middle name is Elvis. For some reason all us dogs have middle names. Rory Elvis and Stella Potter (sorry but I belong to a family of nerds). No worries and love, Stella

  2. Up to something? Nah. Not at all. Nothing to see here! Really.
    Play bows,
    PS: Hey you guys - I've got your 6 - no worries!