Wednesday, November 2, 2011


                                   This is Jake's gotcha month
 We have had him a year this month.What a year it has been with him.
 This is his first and only baby picture we have of him. We were at the breeders picking between the only 2 silver boys they had.

Jake is on the left, Elvis is on the right
 For reasons unknown to us, his owners were not able to keep him. The breeder had re listed him on the web site, once we figured out they were true litter mates, we knew, we had to have him. When he came through our door, he and Elvis knew they were brothers instantly.  It was awesome. He has kept us on our toes, like a toddler I don't really let him out of my site for to long. Before his original owners turned off our street he had eaten a dozen rolls and most of the package off the counter. Thinking back, I think the worst thing he has done, he ate 8 dozen peanut butter cookies, I had just finished making, and he had no side affects, nothing except the emergency vet bill. He catches birds out of the air and eats them in 3 bites, loves bread from the bakery, can take food out of your hand before you know it, but his favorite thing butter wrappers, loves them.
We wouldn't have it any other way. Some how he has brought us all closer together. He's so sweet and cuddly, and very much a clown. We just love him, so much. Here's a some of my favorite pictures of Jake being Jake. He's wearing the green (collar) shirt.

First time he laid on Elvis

He often lays folded

They are almost always touching
He is really a sleep



                                        HE'S A GOOD BOY


  1. awww Happy Gotcha Day JAKE!!! OMG your post is so funny - butter wrappers. Sounds like Fred I have to keep an eye on him and I say that he is a toddler stuck in a dogs body :)
    Thank you for sharing Jakes story.

  2. You guys are so adorable! Tell the truth, though - you're bean bags, not real pups, right? Ha roo roo roo! Just kidding! You're SUPER flexible snugglers, that much I do know!
    Happy Gotcha month!
    Play bows,