Thursday, September 15, 2011

Morning Flower Pedals

    Good morning, this is how I wake up just about every morning, they remind me of flower pedals, it's kinda nice this way.
Starts out with Elvis & Jake on Pete's side of the bed
Betty at my feet
Elvis gets cold, so he comes to my side of the bed
Elvis pushing me out, he's snuggling, so I cover him up
View of my flower pedals from where i'm laying in bed
After I get up
Betty' s so a sleep, she don't know I'm up
Jake's always the first to notice when I get up

Morning and storms are the rare times Lucy prefers my room to her bed 
Elvis is ALWAYS the last to get up, he's covered now and wants to stay
     You see that little spot of blue in the corner that's where I was, Elvis pushed me out. They come back to bed with me, after they get up with Pete at 5 am. They eat, have a little snuggle with dad, run 5 miles, cool off,  have a little play time, than they are ready for a little nap and it's not even 8 am. What Good Dogs or flower pedals

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